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Friday, February 24, 2012

Personal Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Its Friday again, which means I share one of my own personal pics... this is me and Gabe in 2007 - he was not quite a year old yet.... we went to Sea World with some of my family. It was fun. Wasnt he the prettiest baby? We heard two things consistently with Gabe 1. "He is too pretty to be a boy", and 2. "he should be a baby model" - it got comical because we heard the first one so, so often... poor thing didnt have hair until he was about 2, and when it did finally come in, it was a beautiful, white blonde so it still didnt look like he had any hair.

He's still my boy today... he is a copy-cat of his mother... goodness gracious, I love that boy.

Happy weekend!

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