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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crazy Week - Columbus MS Photographer

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So did anyone/everyone see the bridal insert in the Columbus and Starkville papers this past Sunday? Did you catch my ad? What did you think? I was advised by quite a few people not to use this particular ad because it wasnt very traditional, but I had to stay true to myself. And I love it. No reason why my alternative brides out there cant have a place and wedding photographer willing to see their dreams come to life as well... :)

If anyone has an extra copy, Id love to have it... I always try to give a copy to my brides who are featured and I am one short.... can anyone help a girl out? Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com

I dont know who decided to make this week so crazy, but they did a good job. I have coopers closet all this week - including Saturday... also Sunday, I have the big Premiere Bridal show in Tupelo ($3 discount on tickets if you go to the website)- which includes set up on Saturday.... not sure if youre not involved, if you ever really realize how much prep work, set up, booth work and take down there really is - for both shows... so Sunday will be busy, busy... so no break this weekend for me... I guess its a good thing I love what I do... and I cant wait to meet all my new brides!

Yall come out to the show on Sunday - Im giving away a big discount and alot of fun prizes so it would be worth your while to come see me.... plus, they are giving out a prize for best booth so everyone at the show needs to vote, vote, vote for me!

Im going to try to keep posting all this week, but I appreciate everyone understanding that it really is a busy week... Im doing my best! I love all of yall!

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - March is filling up really quickly - all my Saturdays are already gone, but I do have a few Sundays left and some weekday afternoons... Id love to hear from you!

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