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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Links - Columbus MS Photographer

(I love Kimberly and Tim and I love their wedding!)

Since this week is going to be so busy, I thought Id go ahead and share some links to some of the stuff Im loving lately!

Im a HUGE art fan, and I came across these and cant believe they arent 3D or painted - some people are so talented... :)

Love these paper vases for a spring wedding, and I think they would be pretty easy and cheap to make if you were willing.

Looking for a cheap, easy way to have a fun after-wedding party for all your friends... this tip might just be the way to go.

Looking for a cheap, easy way to decorate a reception, shower or even a little girls room... then this tip might be the way to go (love how I worked that in twice, right?!).... I love it!

Im thinking about making this homemade dishwasher detergent... anyone want to try it with me?

Its a little late to be making Valentines, but there are so many uses for this - rewards for your kids, home made contests and coupons, lunchbox notes, etc....

Someone please register for this china... talk about being in love! Wow!

Will you be my bridesmaid? - I am so in love with this idea!

I talked about Lent last week, if you are interested, this post has a lot of good books for Lent - I love the idea of doing them as a family, and overall its just a good blog.

I need to make these cookies (and I need some rectangular cookie cutters too!)- they look amazing and would be perfect for showers or wedding receptions (or just eating at home all by yourself in front of a good movie) - all your guests would be totally amazed!

I LOVE huge canvas pictures. They make such a great statement and talk about a sweet piece of artwork thats super personal... these are what I personally have in my house.... email me and lets get you your own. I promise you will LOVE it too!

I am so, so in love with this super-colorful wedding... amazing... and that parasol arch - oh my, my - that is killing me! If any bride reading this is thinking about doing something similar, please hire me!

Like I said, I love art... and this exploding mirror is blowing my mind... at first glance, it doesnt look like much, but then really concentrate on the ceiling and the mirrored effect... wow!

So yep, its still a hugely, insanely crazy week... but we are making it! I am at Coopers Closet all this week in Columbus - its in the shopping center behind the Grill - and there is a ton of space (which means a ton of stuff!) this time, so its easy to browse and find what you are looking for - I love it! It was super crowded yesterday at the pre-sale which can only mean that the bargains are plenty this time so I wouldnt wait too long to get in here - tomorrow is 25% off day and Saturday is 50% off day, but its opening day for the public today (10-6) and like I said it was super crowded yesterday, so you dont want to miss all the good stuff! And while you are there, please come by and see me - Id love to say hey and chat for a minute... :)

Email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com

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