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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

The Hughes Family - Columbus MS Photographer

Meet the Hughes family, who came all the way down from Memphis for me to do their pictures... well, sort of... :)  They actually came down to Old Waverly for some family and golf time and found me to do their pics while they were here... hey, when you get to work with a family this gorgeous, Ill take it!

 The red maples were in full color.... so gorgeous... :)
I dont know about you, but I am loving that fall is sticking around longer than normal, which means there is still some color out there.  I am pretty much done for the year, but since the weather is cooperating, if there are one or two more families who want to sneak in some pics before the end of the year, let me know... keep in mind that this will be your last chance to get a cd of the session - I will not be offering cd's next year (except for wedding packages), so take advantage!

Dont forget about the art show this Friday... :)

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Kimberly said...

That last picture is amazing. And I'm so sad you aren't doing cd's anymore, except for weddings.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

I know... I hate to do it, but too many people have just acted badly with the cd... :(