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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Lazarus-Garton Family - Columbus MS Photographer

If you know anyone in this family then you are truly blessed... this family has helped me out in more ways than I could actually name so when Robin started talking about a family session, I knew she was going to come up with something good.... and she did!  A color fight - it was just awesome, and I so wish more families knew the power of fun sessions - everyone walked out of it in a great mood, full of great memories and with some fun pictures... seriously, you cant beat that!

Blogger is being bad today and posting the pics out of order... since there are so many Im just gonna roll with it... :)

Robin is seriously one of the most beautiful people I know!

 Awesome family pic!
 Here is everyone after its all over... Trish
 We did some fun, clean family pics first before we broke out all the paint... the leaves were still gorgeous.

 And here is the cast of characters before... :)

 out of order, but here is Robin after... :)

 this may be the best photobom ever... :)

So if your family dreads doing the traditional family pics and you all walk out of the session in a bad mood... think about doing a more fun, relaxed session... I guarantee the memories made will be so much better and way more precious.... I have tons of fun ideas... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and check out the website at www.addietalley.com

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