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Monday, December 10, 2012

The Foxworthy Family - Columbus MS Photographer

I just adore this family - Ive lost count of how many times Ive done their pictures and Im always excited when they call me up to schedule the next one... and Katie and I have the same birthday, so we are cool like that... :)

 Such daddy's kids... :)

 So in love with this series of pics... :)

Just an absolutely wonderful, and if you know Katie and Paul, then you know it too... :)

Yes, I was late in posting today and yes, Im behind in posting in general.... too much going on, but I love it... and I cant believe that its the end of the year already... Im already getting excited about 2013... :)

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Kimberly said...

Great seeing you at Wassail Fest.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

you two... wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often and hang out!

did you have a good time?

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

that should be "me too" not "you two" - weird...

Kimberly said...

Me too, would love to hang out with you guys and see each other more. Maybe next year we can meet up at Wassail Fest and walk around together and hang out. We had a great time, it was amazing to get to go in all the stores and meet everyone, did you guys have a good time? Oh and your art was amazing I feel in love with two of them, the sunrise one and moonrise were my two favorite but all of them were amazing.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

Yeah, that would be fun... we always run into a ton of people that we know... :)

Well, you never know... pictures make good Christmas presents.. if they dont sell, then I could always pay you back for modeling... :)

Kimberly said...

Sounds good, we didn't know anyone but you guys but it was still fun. Pictures would make a good Christmas present and that's really sweet of you but you do not have to pay me back for modeling, it was a treat to a friend in need and if you ever need us to model for you again we'd be happy to help you out and it was fun for us too to get out of our element and do something different. I wasn't surprised to see the one of the light filtering through the stained glass had sold, that picture is beautiful too. We looked around at the other pieces and we both agreed that yours were by far the best ones.

Addie Talley, Photographer said...

sweet... thank you!