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Monday, December 3, 2012

The Many Faces of Riley - Columbus Ms Photographer

If youve been reading the blog, then you are probably familiar with my buddy, Riley, here.  He is always the man of 1000 faces - he is so animated and oh, just the sweetest - he is constantly trying to share his stuff... I just love him and his family so much.

 The leaves were just heavenly when we did these...

He just keeps growing on me... every time I see him, he is bigger than I think he should be.... :)


So good news for all you art lovers - or friends and family of art lovers... :)   The Rosenweig gallery which is downtown Columbus... is having an art show all of December - its packed with works from local artists (including me!) and everything is $100 or less..... if you can find some original artwork for cheaper than I dare you to tell me where... these arent prints, they are the actual, originals.... I went up there Sunday to see what all was up there, and its packed with a ton of great stuff - I saw a few things I wanted right off the bat.... and if you are interested, I have 6 of my favorite prints up there as well.

Im giving yall a heads up b/c the show actually kicks off this Friday at Wassailfest.... if youve ever been to Wassailfest, then you know how quickly it gets extremely crowded very quickly, so if you are wanting to view the art, the Rosenweig would be my first stop Friday night - and if you see something you like, go ahead and grab it b/c it probably wont be there at the end of the night... if you havent been to Wassailfest, then you should definitely check it out, it is so much fun... :)

Hope yall had a great weekend!

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