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Monday, December 17, 2012

Audrey & Justin - Columbus MS Photographer

I have the best job ever, although I dont know that I can actually call it a job since its not really work since I love what I do... and I always get to meet the most beautiful, fun people in Columbus.  It is amazing that one small town in the middle of Mississippi holds so many wonderful people.... And Audrey and Justin fit into that description perfectly. I absolutely adored getting to hang out with them one afternoon - they are so in love and just adorable to be around.
 Have I told you how much I love pinterest?  My couples are awesome - they come up with the best stuff!

 Can you believe Justin made these signs.... so cool!
 Oh my goodness... the BEST light... so yummy!

Im so jealous of their wedding photographer (since they are a base couple, they arent getting married here - boo hoo!)  I wish them all the best - I know its going to be absolutely gorgeous and so fun... :)

And I gotta say... Friday was absolutely heartbreaking for me... I just cried and cried.... being that my own children are 8, 8 and 6 (and 1!), I related to the parents and children on a whole other level.  I am still just so heartsick over it and wish there was more I could do.  So tragic.

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