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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tina & Robert: the wedding" part 1 - Columbus MS Photographer

Tina & Robert are such amazing people... they have been together forever and they finally got the chance to make it official! I was absolutely honored to be the one to do their pictures as it was just beautiful. They got married at the Puckett House on the W campus which is so gorgeous with just family and close friends - they were surrounded by love and good wishes... :)

Today I thought I would show you the "getting ready" part... always one of my favorite parts of the day - everyone is usually just relaxed and getting pretty... :)How gorgeous was Tina.... her skin is absolutely incredible!Getting into the dress!Going out for pictures... :)The preacher signing the license....and then going over the vows before it all starts.Almost time.Cant wait to show you some more tomorrow... its going to be good!

And if you are curious... yes, Im super behind on posting pictures... sometimes life gets busy (ok, life is always busy, but sometimes it just catches up with you).... so I am going to try to get those out for you to see all the goodness really soon... so much good stuff I cant wait for you to see... so definitley come back!

Happy Wednesday.... Friday here we come!

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