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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Gilliland Family

I love that this family knew what they wanted, but were still open to all my craziness. And I love that the girls wore pink and the boys wore blue - as soon as I saw them, I knew it was going to be a good shoot. Natalie told me that she just wanted some good family pictures, so thats what we went for!

The bond between this family was so strong it felt tangible... like you could almost reach out and touch it....

Natalie and her dad have the most beautiful smiles

I asked Natalie to give her dad a kiss, and just when she was about to, he backed up.... so he wouldnt get lipstick on him.... love that!

And how gorgeous is their daughter?!!

One of my crazy ideas.... but I love the feel of it...

Autumn is now here... the leaves are on the verge of changing color and the weather is gaining a crispness. It also means that my schedule is filling up, so dont wait to book your session.

I may also be offering some family mini-sessions at the end of October for Christmas cards. More details coming soon, but I would love to know how many people are interested.

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Maiden Of Virtue said...

Wow! I love the photo of the family on the bench- so creative!

Joe said...

mmm, I love the picture with the pillars! Really powerful, reminds me of ed pingols work!

also love the colors they are wearing, was that your idea?

Talley Images said...

wow, you guys, thanks for the compliments!

The colors were their idea - but I loved it! I love when my clients catch me off-guard

Maiden Of Virtue said...

What kind/make of camera do you have?

Talley Images said...

I have a Canon 40D, a Canon Rebel Xti, and a Canon S5-IS... and a small point and shoot

these were taken with the Canon 40D.... :)