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Monday, December 3, 2007


Welcome to my site… glad youve decided to visit.

Hi, my name is Addie Talley. I live and work in Columbus, MS, but would happily travel to the surrounding areas should you decide to use me.

I like to do non-traditional photography…. a little more out of the box stuff…. instead of the “ok, you stand here, and you stand here… smile!” type of stuff.

I am very interested in working for anyone who cant afford a more established photographer or anyone open to the more non-traditional session.

Thanks for visiting. Hope you like what you see!

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Michelle Dupler said...

Talley Images was awesome to work with. Addie took the most unique photos, in our surrounding area with no props. They look like they came out of the movies! I have recommend her to everyone that I know that is looking to have picutres taken and then some.

Thanks Talley Images!!!!!