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Friday, December 7, 2007

Daniel and Addie

Yeah, sometimes, its all about me....

My husband, Daniel, is a bike rider and he has a tendency to go off the beaten path quite a bit. And he always comes back and tells me about these great spots he has found, so I started calling him my "location scout." We both had an afternoon free one day and it was super nice weather. So he took me to a central location and we just walked to alot of the spots he had found. (I used the timer, so they still count as my shots, right?)

When the weather gets warmer, I hope to get some more couples out to these spots b/c Daniel was right - they are gorgeous.

I risked life and limb - and my camera to get this shot.... we found this pair of little (and super steep) set of steps going down to the river, so we walked down to see where it went.... I put my camera on the rail (that had no siding) and got this pic - had I bumped the camera or rail, it was ~30 feet straight down into the river... never mind if I had slipped myself.... but this probably my all-time favorite picture of us ever - our faces, the light/shadows.... love it!

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