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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ann & Michael - the wedding! Columbus MS Photographer

This is the wedding that Ive been saving forever... its that good!

How do you get a photographer really, really excited?
- tell them that you want to do a first look and all the pictures before the wedding
- tell them that they can have as much time for pictures as they want
- have the wedding in a gorgeous park an hour before sunset... in the fall, when the weather is perfect

- and then make the bride and groom (heck, the whole wedding party) beautiful and really fun to be around.... yeah, pretty much a dream wedding... with that being said, there is no way that these pics can be done justice if they arent viewed full size (click on them) - just saying....

Ok, go ahead and prepare yourself.... :)

The flowers were so pretty!

If youve been to http://www.talleyimages.com/ lately, then you'll recognize this one... love it!

Love this one quiet moment among all the chaos.

sweet picture with her dad

Oh my goodness... Ann was stunning... no words...

I have been wanting this shot for so long... :)

I still cant get over how amazing the light was!

Check out the reflection in the window

The first look.... always the most magical part

Again... how gorgous is this light?!!!

And the wedding starts....The groom is right on time...
I love how I was the only one who knew the bride was there...
Ah.... one of the best ideas Ive ever seen..... all the moms and grandmothers wore black pants and a jewel-tone top... so gorgeous and chic.... and easy!

You have to click on this one to see what all the fuss is about... :)

Oh, did I mention that the reception was in an old converted theater? Yeah...

Ann and Michael, my feelings cant even put into words how much I adore yall and your wedding... it was such an amazing experience - I cant believe I got to be there to capture it all... Yall are amazing - I hope you know that!


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