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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Quick Announcement - Columbus Ms Wedding Photographer

Just a quick announcement... :)
Ok, rarely do I ever - ok, really, in all honesty, its probably not going to happen again... until I see something else really cool, and then maybe... *what was I saying?*... oh yeah.... rarely will I put another photographer's blog/pictures up on my blog - it just doesnt make much business sense.
But I dont care... these photos are too good not to share. I was completely blown away!
And yes, I get that they are not for everyone.... definitely not for a traditional bride. But from a photographer's standpoint, they are freakin' amazing!
So here I am to say.... If any of my readers want to do a session this creative, then I will do it for free.... Yes, you read that right - completely free and give you a cd of the images.

A few stipulations
- No, it doesnt have to be a "day of the dea" shoot or even in a cemetery, but it does have to be creative and totally out of the box (make up helps!)
- If it is outside the golden triangle area, then you have to pay for mileage (which really, compared to a free shoot, isnt much)
- Because I am so booked up, it probably wont happen until late October or November... be aware of that and how it fits into your schedule
- Dont be offended if I turn your idea down... I seriously love to work with creative people and if I cant give it to you for free, then maybe I can offer a discount, but like I said - it has to be totally out of the box!
- You kind of need to already own (or can easily get) anything needed for your idea.
- This can be for any type of shoot, except for a whole wedding.... but if your wedding is way out of the box, then I may consider giving you a discount!
If you want to submit an idea, email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - subject line: Crazy Idea
You can probably find a lot of good ideas at http://www.rocknrollbride.com/ and http://www.offbeatbride.com/ - be forewarned, they can/do feature some same sex weddings and some curse words, so if that offends you then you may want to steer clear... but there are some amazing ideas, themes, diy stuff to find here... :)
Ok, for all my traditional brides... and even non-traditional brides (hey, its free!)... you can get a free issue of Bridal Guide magazine here
Hope yall enjoyed the break! Now back to our regularly scheduled program!

And just because I love these pics so much.... (and maybe they will get your creative juices flowing)

My take on American Gothic
Cant wait to see what yall come up with!


Talley Images said...

Just testing to see if comments are actually working - b/c I dont have any... :)

La said...

Hey there, thanks for the compliment :) I hope you find a creative couple to work with! Keep me updated!
La Photographie