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Monday, September 27, 2010

Eat at Chili's

Just a reminder - if you have a chance - eat at Chili's tonight.... or at least get some take-out!

Oh my goodness, I cant even tell you how good their Molten Chocolate Cake is! *swoon*

Today, for one day only.... 100% of the profits from Chili's go to St Judes.... that is unbelievable.... 100% - seriously folks, that just doesnt happen.

And you could not pick a better organization for the money to go to. I know several families that St Jude has helped and their stories are amazing.

So... I know most of us are on a budget... but maybe just for tonight you could splurge... after all, you are helping an amazing organization and getting some yummy food too!

Thanks... :)

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