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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mahajan - Columbus MS photographer

If youve been reading my blog long, then you will recognize this family. Look at how gorgeous they all are. Especially this one... :)
I was in love with this shot - the butterfly just randomly flew by.

I am in love with this picture....
Butterflies seemed to be the theme of the day.... such a great shoot - this never happens!

Isnt this the sweetest baby bracelet?! I want one.
A sweet yawn...

Isnt she completely beautiful

Thank you Mahajan family for being amazing! I love working with yall, as always. I cannot wait to watch that little one grow - she is going to be a heartbreaker!
Well, I thought we were starting to head into fall, but the weather had other plans.... still summer... and Im pretty much booked for the year... how crazy is that?! But I am LOVING it. Thank you to all my clients - yall are the best!
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Hope that was helpful. Love yall... :)


victoria said...

Awww, what an adorable family. Great pics!

Victoria Stanell

Associate Product Editor

Talley Images said...

sweet... thank you!