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Monday, November 28, 2011

Gabe: 7 years old

You dont hear alot about my oldest - Gabe.... He isnt really the social butterfly that Emma is and he isnt really so "new" as Wallace.... but he holds my heart. And he just turned 7 in August. 7!!! I cant believe I have a 7 year old b/c mostly that just means that Im old... or actually if you looked at the pictures, you might just say that Im 7 b/c well, Gabe is pretty much his mama made over... and I love him for that.He already looks like he is bordering on the verge of teenage-hood. At 7... I can only imagine how old he is going to look next year... I dont know if I can stand it!

This is what we did on his actual birthday.... we had some celebratory pancakes.
And took the training wheels off...
It was a good day.... glad that this one is all mine... :)

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