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Monday, October 24, 2011

Just for Fun

Today has been pretty crazy/aweful/whatever so far... so thought I would cheer myself up and show you a few pictures too so you can get in on the fun. If you havent heard yet (or dont know me!) I LOVE halloween... really any excuse to dress up in a costume, but add candy on top and Im all over it... so thought I would put up old Halloween pics all week, so keep tuning in.

This is from 2004... Gabe was just a few months old and I found the cutest gorilla costume, so I decided he could be King Kong and I would be Faye Raye.... I think we were pretty cute... and check out that blonde hair!It was extremely hot that year, so he could only wear the gorilla suit in air conditioned buildings, so we had this little Tigger outfit for him when we were outside... my husband makes a pretty cute biker too... :) (oh my goodnes, how little is Gabe!)These are from 2005, and Gabe was Pooh... oh my goodness, he was the most adorable child... look at that face!Daniel and I got in on the action too... :) This isnt really from Halloween, but thought it was funny... this is Emma as a baby in 2006... any guesses as to who Im making her? (think 80's music)2006... Gabe went as a dr.... looks like a pretty good time for a cookie break to me... :)I also sent him to school/daycare like this on the actual day of halloween... see Ive been trying to turn him into a punk all his life... :)

More to come all week... stay tuned!

And like I said.. today has been pretty rough, so any thoughts/prayers/well wishes you want to send our way today, we will gladly, gladly take them...

as always, if you need to get in touch, email is always the best way... talleyimages@yahoo.com

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