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Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween 2011- part 1

Ok... yall better enjoy this b/c its probably not ever going to happen again. A totally unedited straight out of the camera shot - on my professional photo blog! EEEEKKKK... Ive gone crazy apparently. Oh well, I hope you can enjoy it - even with the mess of having 3 kids all over the background. :)

Last night, Daniel and I went to a Halloween/costume party... our family costumes dont really work without the kids, so we threw together these last minute. Im a flapper and Daniel is a mob boss - the suit is actually pinstriped (and my husband is super hot!) - he really needed a fedora, but oh well. It was fun and got us out of the hose for a few hours, so Im just super grateful for that. (and yes, just for the record, I am that tiny... Daniel is only 5'10")On a semi-related note: fishnets really hurt your feet in heels...

On another not-really-related note: I really just wanted to dress up in my punk clothes as my costume, but Daniel doesnt own any... can someone please convince him these would be a worthwhile investment so I can be comfortable next time. (what? you didnt know Im a total punk on the weekends? fun fact)

Ok, come back on Monday so you can see some pictures of our actual family costume.... and have a great weekend!

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