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Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday, Friday, Friday - Columbus MS Photographer

Since everyone has enjoyed Emma's 4 year old pics, I thought I would put her 3 year old pics up... these were taken back in 2009 when her hair was refusing to grow... but she still has the most adorable face... a great way to start the holiday weekend, right?!!!This one is probably my favorite.Do you think she loves her big brother?

Dont forget about Coopers Closet - today is 25% off and tomorrow is 50%... you can find some great deals... and Ill be there all this afternoon - come see me and say hey!


And a few fun things Ive found for you this week... I hope you enjoy... and have a great holiday weekend!!!!

This is the kind of photographer I want to be... dream of being... that probably makes me weird, I dont even care... amazing! (if you arent a fan of all the make up, go back a few pages - still just as good!)

Super easy way to make a big difference...

Excellent wedding advice... especially #4 which can be applied to your photographer as well... "#4. Love your dress. I had major dress drama because I picked it because it was inexpensive rather than because I loved it."
- seriously... your pictures are the one thing you will have after the day, and they can be easily ruined on that day... dont let anyone force you into getting something that isnt your style or buy into something just because its cheaper - get what you love... you will be able to tell the difference, and there are no re-do's when it comes to your wedding

Pretty, pretty feather headpieces and boutonnieres (that is like the hardest word to spell ever!)

This space absolutely inspires me in every way

German goth model blog... I love....

Gorgeous paper flowers... beautiful and perfect for an offbeat bride on a tight budget - plus they last forever!

A Tangled bridal shoot... so pretty

This amazing design is killing me... I have no words I love it so much

Underwater maternity photos - completely magical

Cupcake tower... can you believe its at Bed, Bath and Beyond?

Axioo always has the BEST pics... I am so, so digging the sailor/schoolgirl dress and the Hello Kitty coffee

Its like a Barbie steakhouse... but life size!

Check out the hotel its attached to as well

Each of the rooms are different!

Love these wedding invitations

And a wedding invitation giveaway!

This diy craft makes me think of my friend, Emily.


Again... hope everyone has an amazing holiday weekend... part of ours is celebrating my granddad's 80th birthday - excited!

I will be in and out, so if you cant get in touch, thats probably why... but Ill get back as soon as I can.... the best way to reach me is usually email at talleyimages@yahoo.com


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