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Monday, March 14, 2011

The Cherries and the Pits - Columbus MS Photographer

I love Saturdays with nothing to do... mostly because they are so rare... I know that if I had them often enough, I would get bored and feel miserable. I dont even remember the last Saturday that I didnt have at least part of the day scheduled... but 2 days ago - I got to feel the joy of sleeping in. AHHHHHH - from Friday night to Saturday morning, I was in the bed for 12 glorious hours.... I cant even put into words how amazing that was. I didnt realize how much my body was craving rest. Now I think I should go to bed earlier... but it probably wont happen.

Another thing happened this weekend that I am dying to talk about, but I cant just yet... its so big! I can tell you that it is the start of a series... and its going to take hours of editing to get it to the place where I want it.... oh my my.... I wish I could share.... but since its only the first in line, Ill have to wait... but it takes my breath away.... hopefully it will do the same for you.

Oh, I want to say hello to anyone who got here from Gala's site... you totally made my day!

So now on to the new installation of the cherries and the pits... things I like and dont... we will see how long I can actually keep this up - ha ha!

The Cherries
- getting to sleep in when you havent in a very long time... and waking up feeling better than you have in forever
- Walmart brand 90 calorie chocolate chunk granola bars.... yummm!
- starting a new project and wondering where its going to take you
- a husband who puts up with my crazy ideas
- anyone brave enough to leave a comment

The Pits
- realizing you dont have another free Saturday for awhile
- taking your daughter to get 3 shots... poor girl was awful brave though!
- a post with no comments... seriously sucks.
Ive got a new pair of gorgeous earrings to give away.... as soon as I get 100 fans on my facebook page.... c'mon... help me live my dream.... :)
Ha - I love yall! Gorgeous baby session is upcoming!

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