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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Whitney and Michael - the Wedding!

So I have to go ahead and apologize b/c there are seriously like a million pictures here - editing things down is one of my biggest weaknesses. I cant help it. I want you to experience it like you were there. Michael and Whitney are amazing and so was their wedding.... check out some of these details.
The dress... look at how gorgeous this thing is.

I am a ring-shot fanatic... so I had to show you a few.

The groom arrived first.

And then the bride got there....

Whitney was absolutely stunning....

The first look.... If I could convince everyone to do this, I would... you cannot even imagine how beautiful and intimate this is.... and it is truly the way to go if you want your future husband to be the first one to see you.

Bonus for a first look: plenty of time for pictures! It looked like rain that day, so we got these fun shots in before it actually started.

Under the veil... so gorgeous!

I dont show alot of formals, but I love this one of the guys...

One of the sweetest looks Ive ever seen from a groom.... if anyone thinks a first look ruins the first time the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle... I submit this as proof that they are completely wrong.
Same goes for the bride...

Their reception was at the Lee Home... Ive done a few receptions here and I love how it always looks different to suit the couple... I was in love with all the twinkling lights on the porch.

And the inside was just as gorgeous...

About to make their first entrance as husband and wife....

Check out this spread.... amazing.

Fairview royalty... ok, I need a comment from at least one of these guys.... come on.

First dance... :)

This makes me think of John F and Jackie O. every time... classic.

(as always, click on the images to view them larger)
Whitney and Michael, thank you so much for an amazing opportunity to be a part of something so beautiful. Yall are amazing and I wish you all the best!
I think every bride or groom who values photography (and hopefully that is why you are here!) should read this... its brilliant!
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kisah saya said...

woww,,, awesome picture

Talley Images said...

Sweet... thank you!

Mandie said...

You are so incredible talented. These are absolutely beautiful.

Lydia said...

Awesome pics!! I love how your photos tell the story of the day. I always feel like I'm there. :)

Talley Images said...

Thank you Mandie... :)

And Lydia... one of the best compliments Ive ever gotten.. thank you!