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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Kelly & Justin - the wedding!

This day was just full of surprises... probably the biggest one for everyone that day was the weather - it originally was supposed to be a beautiful warm day. Well, Im not sure the sun ever came out that day, and I think the high was 35... so it was cold. But it was warm inside with a wedding full of family and friendship.
Normally, I love color, but I processed alot of Kelly and Justin's wedding in black and white. There is just some emotions that cant quite be contained in any other format. I was going to do this whole post in black and white pictures, but I just couldnt. There are a few pictures in there in color that just had to be shared.
As always, click on the pics to see them bigger (and some of them really must be clicked on to do them full justice!)... and enjoy!

Kelly and Justin, I hope that you grow closer with each passing day. And that your marriage is one of joy and understanding... :)
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And if you are curious as to what Angela won (scroll down to the bottom) for commenting, then check it out... its an uber-cuter anchor necklace that I fell in love with off etsy.... yep, you never know when I might give something away just for commenting.... thats how I roll... :)

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Kelly said...

Addy, I'd just like to say you did such an amazing job on my wedding photos. Thank you soo much! I know I am saying it a little late but I just noticed you posted them on your site! Thanks again girl! You are an amazing photographer!