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Thursday, February 11, 2010

A Challenge

So the girls over at http://www.twophotogs.com/ put up a challenge... take pics without using your DSLR (camera that you can change the lenses on).... I was excited and nervous.... excited b/c well, it forces me to get more practice with my little point and shoot - which forces me to work on composition and lighting b/c I cant use manual (which is frustrating at times!).... but scared b/c I really didnt know how they would turn out. But at least my arm would get a break - my little point and shoot does not provide such a workout for my arm as my big heavy DSLR.

Last month, we went on a church conference to Gatlinburg, TN.... it was the perfect opportunity to take pics... as I could not be lugging the DSLR all over.... so here you go.... these are barely edited (which kind of throws my OCD into overdrive, but I just dont have the time to really splurge on the editing like I normally do).... so you will just have to enjoy them as is.... the first 3 are my entries into the contest, and the rest are just for your enjoyment... :)

I love how you cant tell where the real thing ends and the reflection begins... arent the colors beautiful!

I guess you can probably tell that the jellyfish were my favorite... I absolutely find them fascinating! They look so fragile and move so gracfully, but they are so dangerous.... and we get such an amazing opportunity to view the close-up details in such a controled environment... love that!
So I guess my point and shoot didnt too bad after all.... :)
And since Angela was sweet enough to spare my feelings.... Im sending her a gift (cause thats how I roll - I love comments!).... so Angela, please email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and let me know your address.... and to answer your question...
- well, yes and no... Im originally from Crawford, Ms - which is a tiny, tiny town about 3o minutes outside of Columbus... and is also the hometown of Jerry Rice... so I did kind of grow up in Columbus as I went to school there, but I didnt actually live here until about 3 years ago....
Happy Thursday everyone!


belleandboo said...

addie your photographs are stunning, thanks for visiting my blog and leading me to yours

Talley Images said...

Oh my goodness.... I am in shock! A comment from Belle and Boo... *swoon*

Thank you so, so much!

If you are reading this and dont know who Belle and Boo is, you must, must go check them out!