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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Kimberly & Tim: Columbus MS Photographer

Being with Kimberly and Tim was fun- you can just tell how comfortable they are with each other. And yes, it doesnt hurt that they are really cute too! So we headed over to Mississippi State for some engagement pictures... since that is where they got engaged!One of my favorite spots.. the light is just amazing!Kimberly is so fierce... click on this one to view it larger... :)Think they are dreaming of each other? (check out that smile on Tim's face)Kimberly is just stunning...These are some of my favorites!Love!We borrowed the president's house for a few shots... hope they dont mind... :)mmmm.... I love a good silhouette.Playing with the editing... I like how it turned out.More yummy light!I cannot wait to see how Kimberly and Tim's wedding is going to turn out... stunning, I imagine... and Kimberly is so creative, I just know its going to be amazing. I am so looking forward to it!

Lets see.... still uber-ly busy... working on some fun personal projects in August (including Coopers Closet) and then I will start booking for the fall in September... this year is going to be so good, I can feel it! I hope yall are having a wonderful week!


Thomason said...

We should SO have gotten you to take our engagement pics.. Oh well. These are gorgeous! I just LOVE talley images!!!

Just another XX in an XY's world said...

Man I wish we'd been able to take engagement pictures as well...You know...one I'm going to have kids and I hope we're still around here so I can use you for their pictures!

stacy mc said...

Great pictures as always! You really have a calling for this!

gregsgourmet said...

They seem pretty cool