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Friday, December 17, 2010


You have probably seen Austin on here before... his mom is one of my bestest friends, so I always love taking Austin's pictures and hanging out with their family....

Love this one of Amanda and Adam... :)
They got this one on a big canvas and it turned out gorgeous!

So cute!
Cant put my finger on it, but I love this one... :)

Its all about perspective... :)

Love how all the colors coordinated for this one!

this is one of my all time favorite pictures... love!

Love the red door on this one...

I think Amanda is gorgeous... this picture is proof postive

I absolutely ADORE these. two.. its just their family - being themselves... totally my kind of style... love!

Amanda... you know I love you... Im so glad that you, Austin and Adam are in our lives... we love yall! I am always so excited when I get to spend time with yall and take pictures of your families... I think they turned out gorgeous... Hope yall have a great Christmas - cant wait to see yall again soon!
Ok, just a few more sessions - plus 2 weddings still to post... and then we start off the new year - so exciting... Ill have a booth at the WCBI Bridal show again this year - Im still trying to figure all the details out, but I think its going to be really cool... Id love to see some of yall there! I will soon start booking for next year - wow, I cannnot wait for the warm weather... and then the spring sessions - woo hoo - always some of my favorites! And of course, the weddings! I.cannot.wait!
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