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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wanda & Dustin - the Wedding! - Columbus MS Wedding Photographer

Wanda and Dustin got married in September and it was a gorgeous day outside - just like the church was all done up inside.... They had everything all planned out - I loved the details!
Here is Wanda's dress.... it was so pretty cute shoes... :)
I guess the ring shots are quickly becoming a signature as almost every bride asks for it... and Im happy to oblige.

Getting ready...

The first look... always my favorite part!

I love silhouettes... gorgeous!
Wanda was a stunning bride....

Cutest ceremony musicians ever...

The reception was gorgeous....

Yeah, go for it!
So much yummy food!

And a candy bar.... mmmmm

Ready for the bouquet toss!

Wanda and Dustin, I am so excited that I got to be a part of your wedding - it turned out fantastically! I wish yall all the best and a very happy life together... :)
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This article is a must-read for anyone getting married and wondering if its worth it to spend money on the photography (it totally is!).... its a great read! The Price of Wedding Photography and How Much Should I Expect to Spend.
In other news, please rejoice with us... yesterday, Daniel and I got our HCO for our little boy in Hong Kong. We will hopefully be leaving November 19th and returning the following Friday. We are so excited, so I am trying to finish up all business before then.
Thank you for walking through this with us... my clients are the best!


Laine Williams said...

Thanks Addie for commenting and following my blog! Nice to meet you! You have beautiful work!

Talley Images said...

sweet, Laine - thats always wonderful to hear from another photographer!