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Friday, May 7, 2010


Anyone who knows me knows that I love redheads… So I was so excited to get to this little guy. And he was cute…. And so good… he let us move him around and fuss with him for a good hour before he decided that he had had enough. Isnt he just beautiful…. Babies, mmmmm….

Ashli, thank you so much for letting me get my hands and camera on this little guy. He is gorgeous and made a perfect little model. You are so blessed, and I cannot wait to work with your whole family again.
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thehollimanfamily said...

Thank you so much for taking Weston's first photos! We are so happy with the way they turned out!It was great working with you again, and hope to have you take more pics for us in the future!
Thanks again!
Ashli Holliman

Talley Images said...

Yall are so sweet... I love working with you!