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Monday, May 17, 2010

The Lawrence Family

Meet the Lawrence family... they could be one of the cutest families ever.... seriously. And nice.... doesnt even come close to the right description. It took us a little bit to outsmart the rain, but we did, and as it turns out, we got a cloudy day - can I get an amen from all the photographers out there! So yes, a beautiful family that was so sweet on top of a cloudy day... pure bliss.

See.... too, too cute! Thank you, Lawrence family for being so wonderful and trusting me with the clouds. Your pictures turned out so wonderful and I hope you made alot of fun memories that day.
Summer is pretty much filled up... wish the weather would make up its mind on if it wants to be spring or summer - its hard to know what to wear... :) But its been so nice to be busy doing something that I love so much. Thanks to all my clients for helping me live my dream.
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