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Sunday, August 23, 2009


I just wanted to let all the parents of the Jumps, Kicks, Splits recital that those pics are set to expire next weekend.... if you plan to order, please do so this week!

Also, I will be at Coopers Closet this Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons... and Saturday morning.... please come see me! It will be in the former Lia's Fashions store... next to Hallmark.

And now Im just begging..... if you are thinking about doing a session or wanting me for your wedding, please do not wait! I have already had to turn down a few sessions and weddings b/c the dates they wanted were already booked.

If I could give one tip to brides.... your photographer (whether it be me or not), should be one of the first people you book (before the cake, the catering, the flowers, etc).... And get someone that you like their photos! This is the one area of your wedding (ok, maybe besides the dress), that you dont want to settle for. Your wedding day will be a blur and the only thing you will have from it are your pictures.... not the cake, not the flowers, you wont even have the dress out to look at all the time... you will have those photos... hopefully to show your grandkids one day...

And dude, where is all the love? I have posted 7 (count them 7) new sessions and not one single comment?!! *tear....

I love you anyway.... :)

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