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Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Here is another one of the most adorable boys ever.... He was such a trooper in the 99 degree heat - never once did I hear a cross word out of him.... And if his parents werent so awesome as well.... well, lets just say it was such a sweet session. I wish the heat hadnt been as bad, but when you have a kid this cute, there is no way that the session is going to be ruined.

Is he not just adorable.... and yeah, his parents are pretty good looking too! Wozniaks - I had an amazing time with yall. Yall are so sweet and just fun to be around. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity!
I have one Saturday in July left and a few other days.... and August is starting to fill up as well... I am absolutely so blessed! If you have any questions at all (I love email and comments) or want to go ahead and book your session, feel free to email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and I will get back with you ASAP....
Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend.... :)


Matt and Blair said...

Addie, We LOVE the pictures and everyone who has seen them also love them! Thanks so much for getting out there in the hot weather to take the pictures! You are awesome! My dad said I can't believe she got everyone of his faces!!! That is great and I know we have these pictures to show Colin when he gets older!! Thanks again! Blair

Talley Images said...

I had a good time with yall, so Im glad yall braved the heat.... what sweet words, thank you!