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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Renee' & Anthony - Columbus MS Wedding Photographer

No doubt you remember Renee's bridals... so I am sure you have been eagerly awaiting the wedding pictures... and as imagined, Renee' has impeccable taste. So lets start with a few of the incredible details of the day... bright, cheery yellow was the color of the day and it definitely set the mood... how gorgeous is this bouquet? (you should probably click on all of these pics to view them larger... it will be worth it!)And of course, the ring shots... these are always some of my favorites and probably one of the things Im best known forGetting ready... carrying the dress There is always a moment when a bride takes in the day and the reality of what is going on... usually while getting the dress on. Some brides dont even realize they are doing it - purely subconscious, and its only for a second... but its always there... so I love when I go through the pictures to find that one... the quiet moment of excitement, nerves and beauty that hits the bride... this is that moment for Renee'She was just glowing the whole day.You already know how incredible the dress was... Last minute make-up touches... after the dress is on.The last moments before the first look.The first look... always my favorite part of the day! (and it pretty much insures we are going to get some amazing photos) Here we go...Look how proud her dad is... love it. They sure know how to make an entrance to the reception... A quiet moment together before they go in.And since we were there... I took the opportunity to get a little creative... LOVE!The first dance as husband and wife.... Father-daughter dance...Lots of other little girls there... probably figuring how to incorporate some of Renee's wedding into their own one day... :) And you know the bridesmaids gotta have some fun! Anthony got in on the music act and had some fun too!Love how pretty the lights were on Renee'

I know, I know... I probably post too many pictures... but thats ok, I want you to feel like you were really there, and for anyone thinking about hiring me for their own wedding - I want you to know fully how your pictures are going to turn out....

Renee' and Anthony's wedding was amazing, and I am so glad I got to be a part of it.... fantastic!

I am thinking about getting a few second shooters for some upcoming weddings... anyone interested? This will not be a paying gig, but the experience will be worth more than you could buy... email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com and let me know.

Id love to hear from all of you... :) Emails and comments make my day!

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Barb said...

Great pictures and a beautiful bride!