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Friday, April 8, 2011

Riley - Columbus MS Photographer

As always... only 20 comments get this family a sweet prize... think you could help them out?

Yay for Easter pics... this is Riley. I love taking his pictures because he is always so serious... he makes me really work for his smiles - but oh, they are so worth it. He had us all in stitches by the end of this session, and because the weather was unseasonably warm, it was just plain old fun hanging out with his family (never mind that they are super sweet all on their own!) And check out the outfit - love it... all the way down to the mini bow-tie!

Look at that gorgeous face!

Easily, one of my all time favorite children's pictures. Sweet daddy moment.

Hill family, you know I couldnt love you more.... you have been nothing but gracious to me. I always feel so indebted just to soak up a little bit of your family. Thank you for everything!

This week has been long and trying... glad that the weekend is almost here!

One good thing about this week is all the lovely people Ive gotten to chat with at Coopers Closet. It has been so much fun to hear so many stories from yall... I just love the people who stop to say something - yall totally make my day! If you havent been to Coopers Closet, you probably want to get yourself up there - today is 25% off day and tomorrow is 50% off day... its located at the old Lia Fashions building - next to Hallmark (kind of close to Chilis).... Ive got free chapstick and a sweet deal up at my booth all day... go getcha some... :)

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For anyone who is curious... the kids and my sister are healing up nicely... still a ways to go, but we are making it... looking forward to a good weekend ahead!

Weekends are filling up fast... I am now booking for June... dont wait... love to your mother... :)


gregsgourmet said...

Dig the bowtie. I'll help them out!

Anonymous said...

The pictures are great. I think you relate so well with the children and you get great shots. Do you think you can make me look that cute?
Love the blog too.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures.

Anonymous said...

Addie is THE BEST!! Thank you for capturing our great family moments!!

Alexander said...

Cutest little man ever!

Jane said...

A lovely set of photos. The family must be thrilled. Beautiful!

ReneƩ said...

They are precious! Great work Addie

Allison said...

You rock Addie! Love the serious face with the bow tie combo.