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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Mahajan Family

Can you even imagine how gorgeous the little one for these two is going to be? Arent they cute?!! Oh, and so nice too.... I know they are just wanting a healthy baby, and that is what I want for them too. Just from the little time I spent with them, their baby is going to be so loved!
Proof right here that pregnant women glow and are beautiful.... I loved how beautiful the colors were outside.
And isnt their nursery adorable?
The whole family.

love it!
And we had fun with some blocks... :)

I absolutely cannot wait to meet this little one. He/she is just going to be too much for words, Im sure... Mahajan family, you are amazing, I cant wait to meet the rest of the family in July.
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Lo said...

We love the photos you took of our family a few weeks ago! We are so happy to have these beautiful memories to share with our little one and the rest of our family and friends. We are so excited to finish the job once the little guy or girl is born! You are an amazing photographer! Thank you again.

Talley Images said...

awww... sweet... thank you!