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Wednesday, April 21, 2010


One look at this little boy and you know he is going to be a heartbreaker one day... that platinum blonde hair, those dark blue eyes, that shy smile.... And once he finds something he likes, thats all it takes... we had a good time and Im so thankful for little trees and willing boys to climb them... ahhhh, I love me some childhood innocence.

Mason, thanks for spending some time with me... you are alot of fun!
I am booking up fast this year... its turning out to be a whirlwind and I am loving it... I just wanted to thank all my clients for being so "totally awesome" and beautiful. It is unimaginable how amazing it is that I get to work with so many wonderful people!
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Heather said...


The pictures you took of Mason are so awesome! Even though he was a little un-cooperative at times (what 3 year old isn't!!) you did an awesome job. You captured his personality! Thanks so much for the beautiful job!!

Heather Ellis

quintessential biblioholic said...

Your pictures are absolutely beautiful!