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Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Robin & Luke

These two are just gorgeous... and have been together for forever, so they are very comfortable with each other.... which translates to me having a very easy job that day. I wanted to ask them if they had ever modeled before but didnt want to embarras them - they were that good.

Oh my goodness.... how fierce is this?!

Did I mention they were engaged?

If Im remembering correctly, I almost got run over for this shot.... it was worth it

I absolutely adore this one!

Just for fun!

Another favorite of mine....

Ok, just try and tell me these arent gorgeous..... and I will completely ignore you.... because they are

See... I told you they could have been models...

I love it when they just forget Im there...

And of course, you know I got this one.... :)

Thank you, Robin & luke, for making my job so incredibly easy.... you were fun to just walk around with.... hope I didnt walk you to death, but I think the end results were worth it... :)


Just wanted to say a quick thank you to everyone who came out to Coopers Closet and came by and visited. I had an amazing time talking to you - and you really helped me not be bored just sitting there. If you didnt get to come by and visit, then you can always email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com... or even if you did come by and visit, you are still welcome to email me... Just a quick note - I am now booking for April and May, so dont wait to long to get your appointment on the books

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