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Monday, January 5, 2009

Rowe's 1st Birthday

I promised a post, and well, lets just say, I hope you are in the mood to look at pictures.... I think there may just be a million or so (ok, maybe not a million).... if you got here through Celeste, then youve probably already seen some of these, but what the heck - it never hurts to look at a cute little one over and over and over.... especially on such a special occasion...

We did Rowe's 12 month pics first and then I stayed took pics of the party.... lots o' fun.... I love parties!

I thought it would be such a cute pic of Rowe in his bed with his name behind him..... but he had other ideas.... bed = nap = not happy....

but once we took him out, he was the same bubbly smiley personality that we love

I so, so adore this pic.... Celeste has done such an awesome decorating job.... what you see on the wall is Rowe's newborn, 3 month, & 6 month pics.... I love how this one at 12 months is right smack dab in the bottom middle... like everything has come full circle!

Tell me this isnt a beautiful vintage postcard just waiting to happen

How cute, cute, cute is this cake - it was done by Taylor Massey, you should look her up!

Lee stayed outside and cooked some mean burgers... Rowe happened to notice his daddy

Celeste was inside, entertaining the guests - leading Happy Birthday here

Finally, Rowe got some cake....

I think he liked it!

Ok, is it illegal to have parents be this good-looking.... c'mon guys, share the wealth.... :)

Oh my goodness, how I absolutely adore this one!

Present time! Ha - look what Rowe found

Ha - I love that they all have the same expression - thats how you know it was a good present!

I had an amazing time.... as always, Celeste, Lee and Rowe thanks for letting me be a part of your lives, you are amazing people!
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Brandon, Stacey and Bailey said...

Love that first shot! Doesn't he know it's his birthday?!

-Brandon G.

Talley Images said...

birthday or not, he was NOT taking a nap.... ha ha.... his mother loved it!