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Monday, October 13, 2008


Im on a baby kick.... so get ready for some cuteness overload! This is Matt, and he was so much fun to hang out with. Not to mention his parents, who are just amazing people - Im so glad we met!

Matt is adorable.... and he did so well for such a little one for pictures. He was awake the whole time, and I believe he only fussed one time - and with good reason - he was hungry. And then back at it.... where we even caught a few smiles..... I had such a fun time with this family - I hope we get to do it again

There's one of those smiles....

Oh my goodness - how cute is this expression?!!

You have got to click on this one and look at his eyelashes - amazing!

His grandmother knit him this hat.... how sweet is that?!

Love the tiny fingers and toes....

had to get some with his "older brother"....

I saw this green couch, and knew I had to use it... and look at that smile we got!

with dad....

with mom....
I love this set.... Can you tell how much they truly love each other?!!

I think its innate for all kids to stick out their tongues in pictures - even newborns.... you dont get much cuter though

I fell in love with this shot.... I think his parents did too

but I think this one is my favorite of the day, with him looking off in the distance and the sun flare, I automatically wondered if he was looking at an angel that we cant see....

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Lauran Ellis said...

Hey Addie,
These are So Sweet!!
The hard copies came in the mail and they are just PERFECT! I love them all. You did an amazing job. I'm going over to Amy's tonight to check out her CD. She was THRILLED when I talked to her this morning. You're the best!

Talley Images said...

awww..... how sweet is that?!! Thank you Lauran!