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Wednesday, July 16, 2008


This little boy was so great to work with... he just sat and smiled and let us move him around.... He has the most amazing blue eyes Ive ever seen. And its no wonder he is so adorable - his parents are some of the sweetest, most beautiful people I know.... It was such a joy to be able to do these - thank you Gillis family!

How cute is he?!!

A special request by his mother, to really capture how blue his eyes are - this has not been photo-shopped other than to change the rest of the pic to black and white - his eyes are really that blue!

Couldnt you just eat him up?

I just think this would be perfect hanging in an office somewhere

Sweet capture of Rowe and dad

I love all the green and the water in the background

He even sat up for his first time - and I got the honor of capturing it for his parents

Both Rowe and dad laughing.... love it!

Cant leave mom out.... such a gorgeous family

Mom's favorite of the day!

Got to end the post with some sweet little feet....

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