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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

An Opportunity

So here I am to offer you a one-time opportunity to get the pics that youve seen and always wanted, but never knew just how to get them....

Beach pictures!

I have (2) one-hour sessions open.... September 29, and September 30th..... in Gulf Shores....

Some of the most popular options are:

- A family session.... These are the ones where everyone wears white and khaki and are just classic pictures that will stand the test of time.... These are the pictures that when you go to someone's house and you see a huge canvas of their kids - its one of these.... now here is your opportunity to have some done

- A Trash the Dress session... I actually prefer to call these "Rock the Dress" sessions b/c we dont actually "trash" the dress.... So what exactly is it? This is where a girl will put on her wedding dress and we will take pictures - not worrying about the dress and if the hem is getting wet or dirty.... this also makes a great couple session.... These are the pictures you see with the couple laying in the sand as the surf washes over them.... These are high fashion pictures and turn out great, if you really rock it..... You have 2 options for your wedding gown.... you can put it in storage and never look at it again and let it waste away in the closet, or you can take it out and get some gorgeous pictures - remembering how awesome you looked and felt in it..... most dresses only require a simple dry-cleaning and are good as new anyway.... so c'mon, why not try it?
here is an example of a Trash the Dress session at the beach - these were taken by Tabitha at Ultimate Image Photos in Orlando, Fl.... if you are down there, you should definitely call her up

- An engagement/couple session.... These are the pictures of the couple, dressed in every day wear, holding hands and walking down the beach into the sunset.... very sweet and romantic.... this is a great way to capture that look of love that you will not want to lose....

These are just a few of the ideas that are out there.... if you have something else in mind, then Id love to hear it..... and because it will be September, we wont have the blazing hot heat to deal with.... and even better, the beach will pretty much be deserted which means we dont have to worry about people getting in the shot or being nosy and watching us take pictures....

Each session will be one hour and can be done in the morning or around sunset, your choice.... the session will be $150 (plus tax), and you will receive a cd of your proofs, editing of the proofs, a print release and also an 11x14 of your choice

This is on a first-come, first-serve basis.... And it will be the only time I do this for the rest of the year (unless you are willing to foot the bill for gas and a room, then sure Ill do it again!), so dont take too long to sign up if this is something you'd like to get in on....

I look forward to hearing from you!

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