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Thursday, May 28, 2009

(Almost) Free Photography

I promised a contest, so here it is... and its a good one!

I am giving away a free "Day After/Rock the Dress" shoot.... in the Dismals Canyon!

Ok, Addie, that sounds great.... but what is it?

This is a contest for all the people who wanted wedding photography but couldnt/cant afford it. This is a contest for all the people who want something different and beautiful. This is a contest for someone who wants to go outside the box.

First, let me show you the Dismals. It is spectacular and there are few places that I can think of that are more beautiful. Add a bride and groom and you have something amazing!

I shot those the last time I was there.... right before it started pouring down rain.

Ok, lets get started with a few details....
- The only cost associated with this is that you will have to pay your way in the gate, and that's $9 a person.... but its good for all day.... so depending on the time of your shoot, you can explore the park/canyon on your own.... its very romantic down there....

- You must have wedding attire.... this can be your original wedding clothes or it can be something you bought at the thrift store for $2.... but it must be an actual wedding dress, and the guy must wear at least slacks and a button down... those are pretty much the only restrictions.... be aware though that these will be your wedding pictures, so make sure you like what you have on and will not be embarrassed of it in 10 years or so

- You must be willing to get dirty and/or wet..... the more adventurous you are, the better your pictures will be. Be aware that we are shooting in nature - with dirt, plants, rocks, water, etc... you will not walk out of there with a pristine white dress and you will waste most of your shoot if all you do is try to keep your clothes clean.... I would love to photograph someone who is willing to get in the water, especially in front of that gorgeous waterfall.... please keep in mind that the canyon is a good 10 degrees cooler than up above, and therefore, the water stays cold....

- The shoot will be on Saturday, July 20th. Please do not enter the contest if you cannot make it that day. Please also make sure you have a way to get there, although if you live in Columbus, you can feel free to follow us.

Ok, so how does all this work.....
- You submit your story and picture to me at talleyimages@yahoo.com - the contest will be open until midnight June 20th.
- I will narrow the submissions down to three.
- I will pass those three down to my three judges.... these are three of my best friends who couldnt be any different, so it will be very impartial.
- I will announce the winners on July 1st. This will give the winners time to make any preparations they may need to make
- We will shoot at the Dismals on Saturday, July 20th. (If it is raining or there is another major catastrophe, then the shoot will be rescheduled)

So what do you get.....
- 2 hours with me... :)
- Full editing of all images
- A cd of high-resolution images

How do you enter....
- The couple, a family member or friend of the couple must submit an email to me at talleyimages@yahoo.com on why the couple deserves a free shoot. (if you are a family member or friend of the couple, please make sure the couple is willing and available first)

- You must include a picture..... the picture will not be given to the judges or used for judging, but I will need it to post on the blog should you win

- You should include the bride and groom's first and last name, their story, contact info and a picure....

Its that simple....

So there you go.... go ahead and get those entries in at talleyimages@yahoo.com .... or if you have any questions, please send those too and I will get back with you as soon as I can.

*Any vendors who want to get in on the action, let me know!*


I will also offer 2 mini-sessions at the Dismals that day as well. This can be any sort of portrait session - family, children, engagement.... this would even make a gorgeous setting for a proposal - and you would have it all there to remember forever....

This includes 45 minutes (you must be on time for your session!), editing of all the images, and a full resolution cd of images.... all for $100 (dont forget to include tax and admission to the park as well)

These will be scheduled around the contest winners.... and will be offered on a first come, first serve basis....

You can email me at talleyimages@yahoo.com to get more info, ask any questions or go ahead book your mini-session!


Dont forget about donating to Josie-Tatum's mission.... check out the last post for more details!


~ Lisa @ AbidingThere~ said...

Wow, Addie!!! That sounds so awesome - I wish we lived up there so I could enter the contest - it sounds really fun and I can't wait to see the pictures of the couple who get to do this!!

PinkPoodleBoutique said...

Hi! Beautiful pictures! My little girl was in the jks recital on May 30.I spoke to you for like a sec. there,it was so crazy.I picked up one of your cards,your work is beautiful!I was just wondering if you were gonna post any of the pictures,I'm very excited to see them! Thanks and God Bless!!

Talley Images said...

Thank you, Lisa!

Yes, PinkPoodleBoutique - I do plan on putting up some of the pictures here and providing a link for all the pics.... I had fun on Saturday!